STRIP Dripper

Strip dripper

continuation of the development process for need agricultural market. FIDAPLAST gave the first generation of strip production line pipe. for thickness of pipe between 0.15 -0.30 mm and capacity up to 100 m/min, with simplified and resolution of control by applying the best control systems.



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General Specifications

the line consists two stages, that operating in the same time for obtain final pipe

  1. Strip dripper production stage:

single extruder, that consists of a special design single screw and duality metal cylinder for quality of dripper material.

  1. production line, consist over all of part

-single extruder, that consists of a special design single screw.

– Cross Die-Head, with insertion group for strip dripper

-special chamber and insertion for set and calibrate pipe diameter and strip dripper cohesion.

-stainless steel Tank (vacuum and cooling)

-special design of integrated haul-off and punching unit

Pipe Winder Double coil winder, Electronic tension control. Servo traversing unit with PLC controller, Automatic Pipe Accumulator

Technical parameters:

Model Pipe diameter/size


Extruder Capacity(kg/h) Speed





FPSO-100 17mm EX45-BMM-30 50-70 100 1000