Water-Gas supply pipe

 Water/Gas supply pipe

Manufacturing and supply of polyethylene HDPE/LDPE/XLPE/PPR multilayer pipe extrusion line is another filed in which FIDAPLAST poses deep engineering and technical know-how already in application with machinery supplied to major pipe processors, equipped with maximum precision control.

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  • Multilayer Pipe ABA-ABC (optional)
  • High precision
  • Programmable Microprocessor controller system with FIDAPLAST PIPE EXTRUSION SOFTWARE.
  • Touch Screen Digital Operation Panel with user friendly interface.
Model Pipe diameter/size


Extruder Capacity(kg/h)
FPB-110 Ø 32-110 mm EX90-BMM-30 180-200
FPB-160 Ø 40-160 mm EX120-BMM-30 400-450
FPB-450 Ø 50-450mm EX160-BMM-30 800-1000