Plastic Pelletizing Extrusion Line

Long years of experience in developing and manufacturing of specialized extrusion machines for polyolefin plastics have brought to live this new generation of advanced machinery made by FIDAPLAST.

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 Die-Head with Screen Changer:

– Made from high quality steel materials.

– Dual orifice screen chamber for lower change-over time.

Cooling Unit :

– Length 3 meter each.

– Made in Stainless Steel

Pelletizing Cutter Unit:

– Rigid structure with rotary pelletizing blade.

– Electronic inverter to control pelletizing speed.

– 2x Air Blower station for drying extruded plastic.

– Stainless Steel pellet collection tank.


Pellet Collector & Storage Hopper :

– Heavy duty pellet suction unit.

– Electronic inverter to control operation.

– 50L pellet collector hopper.

Model Extruder Throughput Capacity(kg/h) Die-Head lines
PEP-25 EX65-BMM-30 200-250 15
PEP-40 EX90-BMM-30 350-400 30